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Welcome to Sector Bellerophon

Hello and Welcome! Sector Bellerophon is a fictional setting within the Warhammer 40k universe that represents Arena Games in a budding organized play league. The premise is this: individual stores throughout our region- and eventually the country- become sectors that provide a narrative framework for organized play. Whether you are a local player keen to join our community, a player from elsewhere eager to launch and attack on our sector, or a 40k enthusiast hoping to start something similar in your own area the videos and write-ups linked below should be of interest.

Intro Videos

Yeah. That’s right. We have videos.

Sector Overview

Information about key locations and factions within Sector Bellerophon

Join in the Fray!

Information about current, past, and perhaps upcoming campaigns.

Part of the fun of 40k is that every game we play tells a story. This project is a way of deepening those stories by personalizing the setting and providing a reason for players to invest in one another’s shared narrative.

Many of the planets named reflect the factions played most frequently in our local meta, while others are there to provide credible reasons for additional factions to appear at any time. Whether you are interested in visiting Arena Games to join in the fray yourself, or just the possibility of getting something similar started at your own store, feel free to get in touch using the information at the bottom of the page.

Sanction Recommended: Exterminatus

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